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Bender, Riesling Sekt Klassische 2020

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Andreas Bender first learnt about soil, viticulture and terroir from his father, a vine propagator. He grew up surrounded by wine – making his first wine in the family’s basement at 13 – and knew from an early age that he wanted to do this for the rest of his life. He went onto study viticulture before working for different wineries in Germany, France, Italy and the USA, starting his own project in 2008. Riesling Sekt Klassische 2020 is a superb sparkling wine made from 100% Mosel Riesling. Made in the Champagne-method, it has gorgeously soft citrus fruit flavours balanced alongside golden pastry and ripe pear. A bright acidity makes this an awesome wine to pair with shellfish or simply to enjoy as an aperitif.

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