Hi, I'm Josh, an ex-lawyer who traded in courtrooms and cases to pursue my passion in wine.

The concept for Vinebud sprouted after I realised that whilst wine is the best thing to ever be bottled, it is quite confusing. With thousands upon thousands of different grapes being picked and pressed everyday, it can also be tricky to easily find what you do or don't like. After all, surely there's more to explore beyond that same old bottle or two from the local offy?

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Whilst trying hundreds of different wines to narrow down exactly what you enjoy sounds a dreamy way to live life, most people's commitments (not to mention bank balance) would say otherwise.

That's where Vinebud comes in. We let science be your sommelier by linking the wine grape data we coded with our own specially developed taste-profile algorithm. The two work in tandem to make personalised recommendations of wines we know you'll love, but which you might be missing out on.

By linking technology with wine, we take away the minor panic of staring at a wall of bottle labels or time wasted scrolling through loads of reviews on your phone. We want to empower the modern wine drinker to buy with confidence and explore the great wide world of wine with Vinebud by your side.

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