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Pablo Fallabrino, Soul Surfer Sativa 2020

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Pablo Fallabrino is a laid-back, good-natured Uruguayan surfer turned winemaker; his winery is located where the River Plate, the widest river in the world, meets the Atlantic Ocean. Pablo's approach is not to overthink the winemaking process; instead, he runs with his instincts, takes chances and makes extraordinary wines with his own personal signature. Soul Surfer Sativa 2020 is not your average wine. Made from a blend of 60% Gewürztraminer, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Muscat, Pablo has also infused the wine with CBD - the non-psychoactive part of the Cannabis Sativa plant which is a popular natural remedy for many ailments including pain relief and relaxation. The result on the wine is a really pleasant increase in the fruitiness and aromatic profile. Herbal and spicy, it's packed with notes of juicy peach, ginger and lemon zest; culminating in a dry, crunchy finish.

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