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Château St Cyrgues, Salamandre 2023

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The south-facing vineyards of Château St Cyrgues are located near Nîmes, in Saint-Gilles, France. A place full of winemaking history, it was once on the pilgrim passage to both Compostela and Jerusalem. Located on the exact spot where the church of Saint Cirice des Marges once stood, vines have always been cultivated at Château St Cyrgues; yet they are still able to keep up with the times having recently gained fully organic status. Salamandre 2023 is a fantastic orange wine for those new to the style. Made from 100% organically farmed Grenache Blanc, it is a super easy-drinking wine which strikes the perfect balance between juicy fruit and floral aromatics. A great wine to share as an aperitif in the summer sun.

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